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If you’re thinking of recommending an online payroll system to your clients (as recommended by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) why not become a Crystal Payroll Partner?

Give your clients the confidence their payroll will always be compliant and stress-free.

Why become a partner?Partner BenefitsBenefits

Joining our partnership programme will not only give you benefits - you'll both enjoy the best payroll service available.

A generous referral fee programme

We value the support from our partners and offer a generous referral reward or discount depending on the partner programme chosen.

A free Crystal Payroll system

Partners with ten or more customers are entitled to a free payroll account.

Free training and unlimited support

Partners receive free online training and unlimited phone and email support.

Partner Portal access to clients’ payrolls

Our online partner portal lets you manage all your clients’ payroll and keeps track of commission earned. If you are a registered tax agent, you can also use your tax agent ID to link to your clients’ payday filing.

Dedicated account manager

Partners are assigned a dedicated account manager to assist with any queries and demonstrations to your clients.

Recommended Partners

We believe in mutual business referrals and feature our Accredited Partners for customers looking for a local accountant/bookkeeper/tax agent in their area on our Recommended Partners page.

Partnership Programme

Our Partnership Programme has three tiers that offer different services. Just choose the option that works best for you and your clients.
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All Crystal Payroll Partners receive a generous referral fee. This amount can be passed onto your client as an introductory discount with their Crystal Payroll subscription, or you can collect the fee as a one-off payment.

  • Referral Partner
  • Accredited Reseller Partner
  • Accredited Payroll Partner

What you do

  1. Register as a Partner
  2. Refer your clients
  3. Receive a one-off referral fee.

What we do

  • After receiving your referral, we’ll walk your client through an online demonstration
  • Analyse their current set-up to determine their requirements
  • Provide them with a detailed quote
  • Answer any questions on the phone or via e-mail
  • Sign them up

What you do

  1. Register as a Partner
  2. Join the Accredited Advisor Programme
  3. Receive first and second year’s subscription referral fee

This option is ideal if you’d rather manage your client’s initial Crystal Payroll demonstration and needs assessment.

What we provide 

  1. Training
  2. Access to your own demo online account
  3. All the support you require via phone and e-mail.

In recognition of your extra time and effort,  your one-off referral fee is higher than Referral Partner.

What you do

  1. Register as a Partner
  2. Join the Accredited Advisor Programme
  3. Receive an ongoing discount.

This option is perfect if you already offer a full payroll service and would like to enhance it with Crystal Payroll.

What we provide to ensure smooth transitions

  1. Training
  2. Quick transfer of your client’s existing payroll records
  3. Ongoing phone support

For every client whose payroll you manage, you’ll receive an ongoing discount off your annual subscription. You can set the  payroll pricing as part of your overall service.

How to Join

  1. Register: Begin your Crystal Payroll partnership by registering online.
  2. Choose Your Level: Decide which partnership level best fits your needs and capabilities.
  3. Get Accredited: For the Accredited Referral Partner or Accredited Payroll Partner levels, ensure at least one member of your organization completes the accreditation process. The accreditation fee is $180.00 + GST.

Advisors Certification Programme

The Advisors Certification Programme at Crystal Payroll is a structured training initiative comprising three detailed modules. It is designed to impart our accredited partners with a thorough understanding of the Crystal payroll system. From mastering integrations with third-party systems and grasping advanced functionalities to effectively addressing common issues, this programme aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in using Crystal Payroll.

Why become accredited?
  • Expertise: Become proficient in the diverse functionalities of Crystal Payroll, ensuring you always have an edge in your payroll management tasks.
  • Reassurance for Clients: As a “Crystal certified” advisor, offer an added layer of trust and confidence to your clients, showcasing your commitment to excellence.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Accredited partners enjoy enhanced benefits, including higher commissions and listing on our recommended page.
  • Accredited advisor badge: Partners who achieve accreditation can proudly display the Crystal Payroll Accreditation logo in their marketing materials and email signatures, symbolizing their commitment to excellence and deep understanding of our software and payroll legislation complexities.

Ready to become certified? Learn more about our Accreditation programme.

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See why DFK Oswin Griffiths Carlton Chartered Accountants recommend Crystal Payroll.

Hear from even more of our loyal partners

As a bookkeeper we have several clients using Crystal. It is a great product and very easy to use. Working out leave is so much easier than other payroll software. Great support and everyone is very helpful.

Lynley Pryde
Launch Bookkeeping

I am and have been a tax agent for 10 years. I feel great to use Crystal payroll. It’s very simple, easy to do and of course with a wonderful support team. What a great software in the hands a super supporting team.

Maxi Sebastian
K O Ltd

Before partnering with Crystal Payroll, we had spent months comparing various payroll systems, and we decided to go with Crystal Payroll as they have a very competitive price plan, also a system that can handle various payroll requirements.

Our practice has used Crystal Payroll for the last 6 years for ourselves as well as out clients, we have found the payroll system to be very user friendly, flexible, and reliable, and is ideally suited to the requirements of SMEs.

William Cheng
Canterbury Accountants & Taxation Specialists LTD

I have put numerous clients onto Crystal Payroll over the years. Processing payroll through Crystal Payroll is time efficient, easy to use and easy to understand. Being local and the real producers of the software is extremely valuable. Takes the hassle out of payroll and PAYE.

Stephanie Crawford

We wanted to find a scalable, efficient, online and reliable payroll solution for our clients, who range from one employee to seventy-five, all at a cost-effective price point.

Sound optimistic?

Crystal Payroll ticked all the boxes and now all our payrolls are prepared using Crystal. We love that Crystal will file the IR schedules on time each month and using the direct debit service, make sure that payment is made on time, every time. Our clients love that too!

Craig Wisnewski
Duncan Dovico

I changed my practice over to Crystal payroll 4 years ago and I am very happy with this choice. So far, I have always managed to get the pays correct; however complex the pay. The support team is amazing, friendly, and very responsive. The company is great at listening to and incorporating feedback. This makes me feel confident to recommend Crystal payroll to fellow bookkeepers and clients.

Evelien Baas
The Farm Office

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